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Financial spread betting information

I have entitled this section financial spread betting information, and as you will see I have tried to provide as many high quality resources for you as possible, so that you will have as much information as possible to help you succeed at financial spread betting. Indeed the quality of information and news feeds that you receive from each spread betting company may well decide which company you finally choose to open your spread betting account.

In recent years, with the increase in competition amongst the spread betting companies to attract you as  new client, both the quality and quantity of information has increased dramatically, with many financial spread betting companies now offering Reuters news feeds as standard within the spread betting software platform. Many of the companies also provide daily market reports for you, as well as streaming news, and my advice to new traders is to try the demo platform first before opening a spread betting account. Not only will this give you a chance to learn how to spread bet, but will also give you access to all the trading tools, news services, data feeds and daily market reports offered by the spread betting company itself. Most demo accounts have a limited life, so test them well while you have access. The other option, which I use myself is to open several accounts with a zero balance in each ( most spread betting companies do not set a minimum balance for opening, although some do ) which will then give you access to all the news feeds and market reports that you like to receive.

For me, any trading day starts with a look at the economic calendar for all the major fundamental news items coming up during the trading session, followed by a review of the overnight trading session in Asia. I then look at the futures markets to see what the likely open will be in the major indices, particularly the FTSE 100 which is the most liquid and widely traded in financial spread betting. I then check the news feeds for any major items, followed by Bloomberg which runs in background all day and into the evening session. I generally trade with around 5 or 6 separate screens open, some of which track the cash markets whilst others follow the various futures markets. I know this probably sounds complicated, but I prefer to have one screen dedicated to one market or instrument which I find makes my spread trading easier. You may prefer to use windows!

I use all the free services here myself, but find the video updates particularly useful as they cover a variety of markets, along with an analysis of the fundamental breaking news, as well as hourly updates on all the significant moves during the day. You can find this in the sidebar on the right hand side of the site.

In summary, I hope you find all this financial spread betting information both useful and helpful and ultimately that you succeed in financial spread betting. Thank you for taking time to visit my site and may I wish you every success in your financial spread betting account – kind regards Anna