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Financial spread betting

financial spread betting guide with anna coullingHello and welcome to my redesigned site on financial spread betting, which I hope you find both useful and informative, and which reflects the growing demand for informative sites about this increasingly popular way of trading in the financial markets. As I hope you will see I have tried to cover as many different aspects of this apparently simple, yet complex trading method, with examples, explanations and illustrations, as well as demystifying some of the more obscure terms which are often confusing, even to the more experienced trader. As you will see from reading the site and following my trading strategies and advice, financial spread betting, as a way of trading in the financial markets, has much to offer, but it also has many dangers and pitfalls for the unwary. I will highlight all of these for you, so that having read and absorbed all the information, you can then make your own decision on whether spread betting the financial markets is the right trading system for you.

As you may know I am a full time currency, and commodities trader. I have been involved in both trading and investing for over fifteen years and have traded many different financial instruments,  from options and futures to stocks and commodities. I write and publish articles ( mostly for free ) for UK and international publications on a wide variety of financial topics and issues, and in particular I enjoy helping others learn how to trade. Some people ask why? The answer is simple – I learnt the hard way, making all the mistakes that most traders make, losing money and trying to find a quick route to success. I soon learnt that there are no short cuts, no easy route to trade for a living. In the last fifteen years I have made all the mistakes, but survived, learning from my mistakes, practicing, studying and taking time to build my experience and knowledge.

To be successful you need to study, practice, read, learn and trade with small bets and with low risk trading strategies. I have been fortunate, and  now have the luxury of being able to work anywhere in the world, as well as write extensively on the markets, with several of  my sites updated daily. Naturally I would be delighted to welcome you to my increasingly global readership, and if you would like to follow my regular market forecasts, or simply follow me on Twitter, you can find all the relevant links in the sidebar of this site, and I look forward to welcoming you.

Since starting my first web site some years ago, which provides an introduction to trading and investing, I have developed many other sites which cover a wide variety of markets. Some are simply informational sites, whilst others provide a daily update on the market with commentary and analysis, along with videos which provide my views, both fundamental and technical, on the likely direction of future prices. All my sites have one thing in common – all the information is provided free of charge.

So let’s get started looking at financial spread betting, and what it has to offer you as a speculator or trader. As you will see, it has enormous flexibility as a trading system, and offers many opportunities for low risk trading, however it has many dangers as well – ignore the risks and the rules and you will lose all your money and more! Financial spread betting is a leveraged system using a margin account, and if you don’t understand this term, don’t worry, you will by the time you have read all the pages on this site. So let’s get started as I explain all you need to know about financial spread betting!